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From Principal's Desk

Sri Dasmesh Academy,has accomplished another landmark in terms of bestowing pastoral care to pupils aiming at their holistic development. Here, we strive to provide an education that meets the needs of all children. Discipline and value-based education are the core areas of individuals development which permeate the whole campus. Our vision of education extends far beyond the classroom ranging from morning assemblies enriched with contemplation talks, art and craft labs to playgrounds and many more.
Education has assisted the world to develop at a phenomenon pace. The world is moving very fast and people have little time for each other. Man has become extremely covetous and greedy. In these times of avariciousness, selfishness, deceit, corruption, intolerance, terrorism, riots, greed and cut-throat competition we need to ponder, search our hearts and introspect, as to whether we can proudly call our children "well educated". We are fast forgetting the moral and spiritual part of development. Schools rarely have a program related to the teaching of "being good" as opposed to "being successful", We sure are succeeding in producing rich and "successful" human beings but may not be able to say as much for producing "happy" human beings. Our traditional teaching institutions (home, school and society) are failing miserably in producing 'good' human beings.

The aim of every institution must be to be able to achieve this objective. In a letter to his son's teacher the then US President Abraham Lincoln had written Teach my son that it is more honourable to fail than to cheat and pass. There can be no school without a society and no society without a school. Schools and parents together have to join hands in imparting good Sanskar to their children. In this lies the strength of quality education and the true test of a Quality Institution.
I hope that this website gives you a snapshot of the vibrant life at Sri Dasmesh Academy.

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